About Rob

Rob Hartman researches, develops and teaches advanced stress resilience techniques. He’s trained members of military special operations teams, executives, yoga instructors, physical therapists, martial artists, medical doctors, lawyers, gamers and stressed parents, among others.

His clients include workers from the Department of State, World Bank, Department of Defense, Arlington Health & Human Services, Voice of America and George Washington University.

Rob’s unique approach synthesizes techniques from the continued training and certifications he pursues. These techniques work on a physiological level to bring about states of deep relaxation. He founded a nonprofit, the StressFreeDC project, in an effort to help the DC community and to teach stress resilience skills to war veterans, teachers and social services staff.


Rob has worked in the Department of Treasury, the Department of Defense, and Intel Security. He graduated with an MS in technology management from George Mason University School of Business. 


Rob trained with Wim Hof, the 'Iceman' to learn his techniques

Here's a short video by Vice, on the ways of Wim. He's extreme- some of the extremely stressful situations he's opted into are the marathon he ran in the desert with no water consumption, and the time he climbed Mount Everest in a bathing suit with no shoes.