About Rob

Rob Hartman is a performance and stress resilience expert, and the author of Hacking Your Nervous System. Rob has traveled all over the world to study the nervous system and its relationship on our health and performance levels. Rob has trained with neuroscientists, yogis, shamans, stress experts, and researchers in the U.S., India, Bali, and Peru.

Through his advanced breathing and body techniques, Rob has helped thousands of people transform their lives by getting to the root cause of most issues: stress. Rob has trained executives, lawyers, medical doctors, yoga teachers, physical therapists, martial artists, and champion poker players. Rob has also trained hundreds of veterans and military members with PTSD and trauma, and has helped them recover from brain injuries and increase their performance in combat. 

Before he began his stress resilience research, Rob worked in cyber security and warfare for two decades. He’s designed security systems for super computers, space platforms, and missile defense. He has helped clients in the defense, civilian and intelligence sectors of the U.S. government, and he designed the first computer security strategy for the Costa Rican government.

While he was working in cyber security and warfare, Rob felt completely burnt out and was in poor health. He decided to make a drastic lifestyle shift and learn techniques to become resilient to everyday stressors. In 2009, Rob began a quest to research these techniques, which led him on a global endeavor to study with Wim Hof (A.K.A The Iceman), travel to Bali to study with Elizabeth Gilbert’s medicine woman and learn from medical doctors and a Peruvian shaman.

Rob’s entire life was transformed through these methods, and he made it his mission to bring these techniques back to the U.S. After witnessing the life-changing transformations of his clients, Rob wanted to make these techniques accessible and affordable to military members and veterans. Rob founded StressFreeDC, a nonprofit organization that provides low cost stress and trauma resilience training to military combat veterans, foreign service, and journalists returning from combat zones. 

Rob has worked in the Department of Treasury, the Department of Defense, and Intel Security. He graduated with an MS in technology management from George Mason University School of Business. 

Rob is a certified Tension & Trauma Release Exercise Practitioner and a graduate of the following programs: Klinghardt Academy's Autonomic Response Testing and Applied PsychoNeuroBiology, Mankind Project Leadership Training, Coach Training International, Wim Hof Method, Art of Living, Insight Meditation Community of Washington, Shadow Work, The Meadows Survivors, and Hellinger Family Constellations. 


Rob studied with Wim Hof, a.k.a. the 'Iceman,' to learn his techniques.

Here's a short video by Vice, on the ways of Wim. He's extreme: some of the extremely stressful situations he's opted into include running a marathon in the desert with no water consumption, and climbing Mount Everest in a bathing suit with no shoes.